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Basic configurations and functions of controllers 4800/4900, drawings

In practice every application calls for a customised in-controller configuration. Generally speaking, there are many different functions available which you can link to one another in a suitable manner.

For applications occurring frequently the logic operations linking the functions are already saved in the basic configurations. They can be selected and activated via code C005. The selection is made with a two-digit number, whereby the first digit is assigned the control structure and the second digit is assigned the feedback system.

First digit defines the control structure

Configuration of C005 basic function

·  72 master frequency slave (cascade)

·  6x master frequency slave (rail)

·  5x master frequency master

·  4x torque control

·  1x speed control

Second digit defines the feedback system

Configuration of C005 feedback

·  x3 incremental encoder

·  x2 resolver

·  x1 tachometer

·  x0 armature voltage


·  Documentation of the configurations in Micrografx Designer 7.0: EVD4800_4900_Configuration.zip

·  Documentation of the functions in Micrografx Designer 7.0: EVD4800_4900_Functions.zip

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